Class 3


12:15pm to 1:15pm


Class 3 is for handlers who have passed the class 2 stage test.

The class is taught off-lead.


The following new exercises are covered by the class:

  • Heel work (no commands)
  • Sit stay (out of sight)
  • Down stay (out of sight)
  • Retrieve (over a jump)
  • Scent (progression upto 6 cloths)
  • Send away (with ‘A’ recall)
  • Search


Assessments for class 3 are adhoc depending on the progression of the class. This is due to the length of time it takes to do the assessment.

  • Heel work on lead (no commands)
  • Heel work off-lead (no commands)
  • Novice Recall off-lead
  • 2 minute sit stay (out of sight)
  • 10 minute down stay (out of sight)
  • Full retrieve
  • Scent (6 cloths) OR Search (4 articles in 2m30s)