Congratulations to everyone that’s completed the 8 week course today. In Zoe’s class awards were given to:- 1st place: Bev and Connie. 2nd place: Tracy and Beau. 3rd place: Mark and Pluto.

In Pat and Georgie’s class awards were given to: 1st place Fiona and Bertie. 2nd place: Debbie and Poppy. Congratulations.

In Chris’s class awards were given to: 1st place Ann and Haris. 2nd place Hannah and Reggie. Congratulations.

In the later classes today, awards were given as follows:- Chris’s class: 1st place Diane and Teddy. Zoe, Katie and Georgie’s class: 1st place Linda and Nala, 2nd place: Joe and Otto. Matt and Wynne’s class: 1st place: Nadine and Buster. 2nd place: Nathan and Ozzie. Congratulations to everyone for completing the course.

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