Covid-19 Information

Dog Training During Covid-19 Lockdown

Dog training classes are NOT allowed because they require people to gather and would be unable to maintain social distance. However training of dogs is an important element of their social development. Dog trainers may continue to provide advice on training on a on-to-one basis using technology to connect the trainer and client. It may also  be possible to run classes by video link. If a trainer can utilise a private area to provide one-to-one training a client might use their exercise period to meet the trainer and it would be acceptable for the client to drive a short distance to the venue. There should be no physical contact between the trainer and client or dog and social distance should be maintained at all times. Owners can leave their dogs with at trainer providing the handover protocol is followed and social distancing is maintained.

Great Advice For Puppies During Lockdown

Socialisation is a crucial part of a puppy’s development. Through various activities, we can teach them how to relate appropriately to people, different situations and other animals, but during lockdown we are unable to socialise puppies in all the ways we ordinarily would.

Click on the link below for some great advice from the Blue Cross and make the best of this challenging situation and prepare your puppy for life beyond lockdown.

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