Class One

Class One


12:15pm to 1:15pm
Every Sunday


Class One is for handlers who have passed the Basic Class test. The class is taught partially off-lead and the handler is expected to start to phase out treats.


The following new exercises are covered by the class:
• Heel work (off-lead)
• Stays (off-lead/with distractions)
• Novice recall (off-lead)
• ‘A’ recall (straight line)
• Basic Retrieve
• Distance Control (next to dog)

Stage One Test – taken in Class One to move into Class Two

• No tit-bits can be used during the course of the test
• As much encouragement and as many commands as necessary may be given
• Exercise must be completed with a distraction (another handler and dog standing by the test ring)
• No more than 7 points can be lost to pass

What your dog will be tested on:

• Heelwork (on lead): Lead must remain slack and a tight lead will be penalized
• Heelwork (off lead): Dog’s attention must remain on the handler and must remain with handler throughout the exercise
• Novice Recall (off lead): Includes a formal present and finish
• Sit Stay (off lead) – 1 minute
• Down Stay (off lead) – 2 minutes
• With handler standing by their dog and the dog must be able to be handled by the judge

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Annual Membership Fees

(In order to attend any classes or courses, you must have a paid for annual membership with the club)
• Annual Membership: £15

Foundation Course Fees

(All new members must enroll their dog / puppy on our introductory 8 week Foundation Course)
• Foundation Course: £65 (inc. single membership)

Class Charges

All classes (except Foundation Course): £2 a week (including Puppy Class!)

*Payments can be made by cash, cheque or card.