Class Two

Class Two


12:15pm to 1:15pm
Every Sunday


Class 2 is for handlers who have passed the class 1 stage test. The class is taught mostly off-lead.


The following new exercises are covered by the class:
• ‘A’ recall (with turns/halt)
• Full Retrieve
• Distance Control (away from dog)
• Positions on the move
• Scent (introduction)
• Send away (introduction)

Stage 2 Test – taken in Class 2 to move into Class 3

• No tit-bits can be used during the course of the test
• As much encouragement as you wish may be given
• Exercise must be completed with a distraction (another handler and dog standing by the test ring)
Two levels of pass:
• Between 4 ½ and 8 marks lost – Stage 2b certificate, but remain in Class 2
• 0 to 4 points list – Stage 2a certificate and progression to Class 3

What your dog will be tested on:

• Heelwork (on lead)
• Heelwork (off lead)
• Novice Recall (off lead)
• Retrieve a Dumb Bell
• Sit Stay (off lead) – 2 minutes
• Down Stay (off lead) – 5 minutes
• With handler standing away from their dog the dog must be able to be handled by the judge

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Membership and Course Fees

• Annual Single Membership £15
• Annual Joint Membership £20
• 8 week course £50

In order to attend the puppy class you must be registered with the club where your puppy will be enrolled on to one of our 8 week courses.
Payments can be made by cash or cheque. We are not able to take card payments.

Additional Charges

Weekly class charge for Puppy, Basic, class 1, 2 and 3 – £2 a week.