Foundation Course

Foundation Course


10:45am to 11:45am
Every Sunday


The 8 week Foundation Course is for any age of dog over 20 weeks old, and also follows on from the Puppy Class

Foundation course 8 week basic training course for dogs of all ages.  If you enrol on our Foundation course for £65 you are entitled, if your dog is under 20 weeks old, to take part in the puppy class for £2 a week.  Please note we do not run a separate puppy class, only as part of the Foundation course.

 The course consists of exercises you have been taught in the puppy class and new exercises in a structured manner. This course has an intake of approximately 10 dogs per class. This course will stimulate your dog and encourage the handler and their dog to think more about what they are doing and what is required from them.

Homework sheets are given out at the end of each class which consists of the exercises you have been taught/shown within the class on that day, which you can practice at home.

You can still be part of the Foundation Course if your dog is older than 20 weeks as it caters for older dogs as well, as your dog may have been a rescue dog or a dog you already have but not thought about training until now.  It is never too late to start training your dog!

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Annual Membership Fees

(In order to attend any classes or courses, you must have a paid for annual membership with the club)
• Annual Membership: £15

Foundation Course Fees

(All new members must enroll their dog / puppy on our introductory 8 week Foundation Course)
• Foundation Course: £65 (inc. single membership)

Class Charges

All classes (except Foundation Course): £2 a week (including Puppy Class!)

*Payments can be made by cash, cheque or card.